Sumy State University is one of the most modern universities in Ukraine. SumDU develops and provides e-learning and on-line education technologies. So, we provide new opportunities for students all around the world, who wish to study off-campus.

Sumy State University has created its own learning platform. This platform ensures effective and comfortable communication between our lecturers, tutors and students. SumDU has established a network of territorial telecommunication centers around Ukraine and abroad to provide a qualitative technical and consulting support for our students.

Highly qualified team of professors and lecturers of SumDU has worked out and created all necessary content of courses, tasks and education materials to give our students wide knowledge and to develop higher-order skills during their studies at the university.

Choosing a distance learning, you will get:

  • opportunity to study in a convenient time for you (24/7);
  • access to all necessary education materials.

If you choose a distance learning course at SumDU, you will have:

  • broad variety of modern specialities;
  • аll necessary support from the experienced lecturers;
  • diploma of a state standard.

Sumy State University has:

  • international recognition;
  • greatest experience of distance learning in Ukraine;
  • 40 territorial telecommunication centers in different regions around Ukraine and abroad.

To provide students with the best practices, lecturers offer education material of a different type in their courses. The staff of the E-learning Technologies Center of Sumy State university create interactive practical exercises (simulators), using the modern programming languages and technologies (VR / AR). Their number already exceeds 1.700 items. Overall, currently, there are about 1.000 courses, and 155.000 tests, tasks for joint work, discussions, etc.

Since 2010, the Online Studio has been successfully launched at Sumy State University. Online Studio provides lecturers and students with different forms of education:

  • audio and video communication;
  • virtual sensor board for virtual presentations and demonstrations;
  • recording and online broadcast of training videos;
  • online-tutorials and classes;
  • opportunity to participate in the international online-conferences.

Nowadays, there have been already done and successfully used over 700 educational video materials.

Also, the Online studio allows several visitors to work simultaneously. Each of four workplaces is soundproofed and equipped for the convenient communication between the lecturers and students.

Since April 2016, the entrants have had an opportunity to pass free courses and get the reassessment of their previous results. Sumy State University guarantees the reassessment of the results of the courses, studied by the user within the mass open online courses project "Examinarium", to be subject to his/her admission (in accordance with the rules of the admission) and further study at SumDU according to the chosen field of study by the distance learning.

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