Scientific Products of Sumy State University in the main areas of research

Ecology and energy efficiency

Heat-generating units

Monitoring system «HeatCAM»

Expansion turbine – electrical generator devices as a part of jet-reactive and vertical turbines

Multifunctional dynamic rotary unit homogenizer


Research laboratory «Sealing mechanics and vibrodiagnostics»

Chemical Industry

Centrifugal downhole pump unit

Rotating vibro-granulator for nitrogen fertilizers fusion

Vortex granulator for production of porous ammonium nitrate granules

Gas separators of the inertial-filtering type

Vortex spray counter-current flow mass-transfer devices

New materials

Nanostructured composite materials

Research laboratory «Optoelectronics and solar power engineering»

Advanced developments in material science

Phosphogypsum-based binding mixture

Ceramic manufacturing technique with technogenic waste usage

Technology for titanium (IV) oxide concentrate production from slurry of the primary manufacture

IT software

Integrated information system of university management

System of e-learning management

Agriculture and food industry

Equipment for fodder production in livestock-breeding

Automatics and automation

Hardware software complex car test cable assemblies

Hardware software complex to detect defects car brake discs

Monitoring vibro acoustic oscillations of bridges and tunnels

Sensors of magnetic field based on metal spin valve

Thin film pressure sensor


Nanomaterials for medicine and environment

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