Research Institutes

Research Institute of Development Economics (IDE) at Sumy State University, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Research Institute of Energy Efficient Technologies

Research Institute of Mineral Fertilizers and Pigments

Research and Training Centres

Research Educational Center “Nano and Biomaterials”

Research Educational Center of Applied Social and Communication Technologies “PR-consulting”

Research Educational Center «All-Chemistry»

Research Educational Center “Dentistry”

Research Educational Center “Processes Modeling in Complex Systems”

Research Educational Center “Ultrasound Diagnostics”

Research Educational Center of Marketing Research

Educational and Scientific Research Center “Financial Prospects”

Academic and Research center of Tomography

Regional center of electronic microscopy and mass spectrometry

Center for Social and Human aspects of Regional Studies

Center for vacuum and electrophysical equipment for atomic power engineering (Ministry of Science and National Academy of Science of Ukraine)

Center of Electrotechnology

Center for Laser Surgery

Center of Applied Environmental Research

Center “Tekhnologia”

Center of Core Facilities for Morphological Studies

Center of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information

Scientific Center for Pathomorphological Studies

Core Facilities Center of Metal-Working Equipment

Regional Center of Ecological, Chemical and Toxicological Monitoring and Biomedical Studies

Center of Computer Technology

Research Center for Regional Security

Regional Academic and Research Center “Manufacturing Information Technology, Electronics, and Drives”

Core Facilities Center “Laboratory of Material Science of Solar Power, Sensor and Nanoelectronic Systems”

Core Facilities Center of the Medical Institute

Research laboratories

Hydrodynamic drives and installations

Hermetic Mechanics and Vibration-Based Diagnostics

Intellectual Systems

Nonlinear Electrodynamics

Economics of Sustainable Development and Ecologically Balanced Nature Management

Material Science of Micro and Nanoelectronics

Manufacturing Heat Power Engineering

Social and Economic Studies

Granulation and Mass Transfer Equipment

Highly Productive Processing and Machines

Mechanical Assessments

Center of Social and Human Aspects of Reginal Studies

New Technologies in Physics and Microwave Equipment

Synergetics of Condensed Matter

Nonequilibrium Processes in Electronic Equipment Materials

Electronic Systems and Information Coding Aids

Vacuum Nanotechnology

Morphological Laboratory

Fundamental Linguistic Studies

Molecular and Genetic Studies

Non-destructive Control Methods

Electrotechnical Laboratory

Mathematical Methods of Complex Processes Research

Optoelectronics and Solar Energy

Applied Biotechnology

Applied Material Science

Development of Social and Economic Systems

Ion-Plasma Technology

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