Current projects:

“Nanostructural surface development for dental implant manufacturing“

Project Manager prof. Pogorielov M.V.

SumDU research team headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences Maksym Pogorielov was included in consortium that received funding within Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (MSCA-RISE) involving scientific research and ensuring academic exchanges of scientists from partner countries.

The project which involves SumDU scientists is aimed at development and practical application of the new generation of dental implants with functional surface that will improve the quality of life of patients and reduce the number of postoperative complications.

Besides SumDU the consortium includes universities from Latvia, Great Britain, Italy as well as companies working in the field of biotechnology from Poland, the Czech Republic and Estonia. The grant’s implementation involves 44 visits of SumDU scientists to leading European universities and companies and about 50 visits of scholars from other countries to SumDU for 4 years. In addition to scientific work, world’s leading scientists will familiarize students and faculty staff with current achievements in the development of new materials, biotechnology, molecular biology, etc. International seminars and master classes are planned.

“PDD support for setting up an information center to provide information about NATO and related topics for scientists, students and other interested parties“

Project Manager Nazarov M.S.

The aim is to objectively inform the residents of the Sumy region about NATO activities, and Ukraine's cooperation with the Alliance. Within the framework of the Center, seminars, round tables, trainings, lectures on the topics of the Euro-Atlantic security system, and Ukraine's integration into the system of collective security are organized.

Сompleted projects:

“Creation of regional security research center in Sumy State University”

Project Manager Nazarov M.S.

The aim of center consists in consolidating efforts of scientists, society, voluntary and patriotic organizations, forming in the region of expert community to analyze issues, that affect security situation and stability in region, promoting governments and self-government in maintaining stability and risks minimization under the conditions of social tension’s growth in society, preparing scientific-based recommendations and activation of national-patriotic youth education.

International grant Ukraine-Lithuania

“Development of institutional and economic principles for ensuring sustainable development and green economy at regional level”

Project Manager prof. Melnyk L.G.

Project is aimed at development of integrated economy management concept during the transition to sustainable development and formation of appropriate institutional mechanisms, economic methods and tools of institutional support of sustainable development at the regional level.

Research Projects SCOPES 2013-2016

“Improving Energy Security through Swiss-Ukrainian-Estonian Institutional Partnership”

Project is aimed on strengthening institutional cooperation between the Eastern Europe and Switzerland. This partnership is intended to increase competitiveness in energy and environment, business and economics and other socially important areas in long term.

International grant Ukraine - South Korea

“The use of new materials and absorbing buffer layers for cheap film polycrystalline solar cells based on heterojunctions”

Project Manager prof. Opanasyuk A.S.

The aim of the project is to study and optimize the structural, substruktural, optical and electrical parameters window (ZnS, ZnSe, ZnTe, ZnO) and absorbing layers (CZTSe) for thin-film solar cells based on the next generation of low-cost, environmentally friendly compounds.

International grant Ukraine-Germany

“Formation of micro-and nano-metals with a narrow size distribution and shape of structural elements”

Project Manager prof. Perekrestov V.I.

The purpose of the project. Plan to create technological systems based on magnetron dispensers that allow you to selectively condense vapor of various metals (Cu, Ni, Co. Ag, or ones) inside or near the ordered pore anode-oxidized aluminum creating an organized nanosystems.

International grant Ukraine-India

“Phase transformations, diffusion processes and magnetoresistive properties of layers based on Fe and Pd, Pt or Ag”

Project Manager prof. Protsenko I.Yu

The purpose of the project. Study the effect of various factors (eg, structural and phase state, various heat treatment, diffusion processes, the degree of electron scattering on crystallites) on magnetoresistive properties of the giant magnetoresistance when it will occur in layersbased on Fe / Pd, Fe / Pt and Fe / Ag in the presence or absence of spin-dependent electron scattering, and impact the overall concentration of magnetic components on magnetoresistive properties.

CRDF “Biosafety Improvement in Bacteriological Lab at Sumy State University”

The project is aimed at improvement of laboratories’ physical security, which reduces the biological pollution of surrounding environment and laboratory infection risk.

Within the project a new study program required by WHO for laboratory workers and students with access to laboratory will be created. In particular, it is planned to develop special protocols for emergency situations, modernization of laboratories technical equipment by installing modern biosafety rooms.

The EU-Ukrainian research project

«Equal opportunities in getting profession for young mother-students in higher educational establishment (HEE)» (2013-2015)

Overall objective of the project is contribution to the gender equality, spreading the practice of creating equal opportunities in getting profession for young mother-students in higher educational establishment.

Project Manager ass. prof. Svitaylo N.D.

The project funded by the European Union and implemented by Sumy State University (SumDU). Based on experience relevant to the subject of EU projects and project experience of pilot implementation of the initiative «Family-friendly University» (to ensure equal opportunities for students in keeping their right to education, self-fulfillment, family life, health) at SumDU we plan activities which will rise the problem of a balancing studying with family responsibilities of young mother-students.

As a result of training of administration of university on the issue of equal opportunities to getting a profession for young mother-students will be enhanced awareness of this contingent of people. That will allow expecting the implementation the approaches friendly to young mother-students at Ukrainian universities. Feedback from this target audience will serve as additional material for the development of the final observations, best practices and recommendations for state policy in sphere «Balance between study/work and family commitments»

As a result of elaborating proposals aimed at gender-equitable balance between study/work and family commitments in organizations and institutions will be providing central authorities with it. Provided proposals can be used as the basis for the development of gender-sensitive policy in relation to combination of study/professional commitments with family ones.

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The Norwegian-Ukrainian research programme

«Preparation of climate projects» (2011-2013)

The Norwegian-Ukrainian programme is operated by Norsk Energi, in cooperation with Ukrainian partners. Under the conditions of energy saving and alternate energy growing demand in Ukraine, appears new sources of funding, including via carbon credits. However, despite an abundance of interesting project ideas, most of them require assistance in design of competent business plans for obtaining loans or investments.

Program is focused on providing of free of charge assistance for Ukrainian companies and specialists for the preparation and implementation of projects on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, development of financing schemes for projects with involvement of carbon investments and loans from international financial institutions.

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