Sumy State University has a modern integrated information system which includes:

• University web-system;
• Support system “Universytet” to control educational and scientific activity;
• System of electronic documents circulation;
• System of educational process support which has the education and methodical materials, training equipment and tests;
• System of library management support which has functions for information search and storing;
• Support system for computer classes and training multimedia classes.

SumDU has a high tech library-information system with about 2.5 million published copies and more than 20,000 full-text electronic issues. Users of the SumDU library electronic resources have access to famous information bases of the world information space including 60 commercial scientific bases. So the library users receive information from more than 50,000 scientific journals, 500,000 dissertations, patents, and technical documents.

Meeting the demands of the times the University created a repository – electronic scientific archives and spreads its own intellectual product in the world scientific sphere.

Sumy State University has modern technical support, for example, an online studio. It is a specialized laboratory with four studios equipped with computers and sensorial boards. The online studio fully simulates the educational process. Online consultations for students of distance and extramural forms of education, with both way audio and video communication, are provided by means of the studio. The virtual sensorial board can also be used for presentations and virtual demonstrations, recordings and online broadcasts of video material.

One of the key components of modern SumDU, is a virtual system of educational process support, with a powerful resource of electronic educational means. So there is an opportunity to receive higher education by means of distance learning. It is convenient for everyone interested in modern information technologies in education and valuing their time.

Distance Learning Advantages:

- Accessible to everyone.
- Interactive communication “lecturer – student”.
- Complex software.
- Leading educational technologies.
- Individual education.
- Higher education for disabled people.

SumDU has a dividend network of WiFi-zones with free Internet access in the library and other buildings of the University and in the hostels and canteens.

A computer cluster with a separate server has been recently launched at the University; it includes four computers with quad-core processors and performs parallel and complex high-yielding calculations. The cluster can be operated distantly which means its work can be operated 24-hours from any computer connected to the Internet.

Student scientific information and the computer center of Sumy State University trains students in programming and IT-technologies. The youth participates in developing program products and systems. Numerous SumDU students victories in Ukrainian, European and world-wide competitions prove their professional skills in information technologies.

Sumy State University provides computer training and training in information technologies. That includes training for certification in Microsoft, Cisco, 1C, and Intel programs. The students receive solid knowledge of computer equipment, software, and IT-technologies. This makes them competitive not only in the Ukrainian market but also in the European market.

The University carries out international scientific and educational grant programs and projects in IT-technologies. Among them is the European Commission TEMPUS grant “Educational centers network on modern technologies of local governing”. Opening of the Center of skills upgrading for public servants in modern management technologies provides them with opportunities for their skills and upgrading in using information technologies. It results in an increase in management process efficiency of the authority, range of services improvement provided for community and enterprise.

It is hard to imagine 21st-century medicine without the use of information technologies. The center of endoscopy methods of diagnostics and minimally invasive surgery was open in the Medical Institute of Sumy State University and provides with an opportunity to become familiar with medical digital equipment. Now almost all surgical and therapeutic specialty doctors are to work with this kind of equipment. The surgeries can be carried out with minimal damage to healthy tissue structure and minimal function disorder. The diagnostics of many diseases is impossible without the use of endoscopic digital equipment. So thanks to information technologies, health care becomes one of a high level.

SumDU cooperates with DELCAM PLC, world leading company in developing products for modeling, production, and control of complex products and technological equipment. The partner relationships provide SumDU students and scientists with an opportunity to automatically generate 3D models from flat pictures and receive ready-made products on the machine tools.

The University cooperates with a concern Siemens that is world famous manufacture of electronic, technical and electronic equipment. Due to this cooperation, a modern robotechnics laboratory was equipped.

Sumy State University is a dividend system of IT-industry which graduates highly professional specialists with an innovation mentality and provides a wide range of modern technology services and sets an example of progressive technological development.

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