24 June the opening ceremony of four training rooms using virtual learning methods and virtual patient technologies was held at SSU Medical Institute. These events were implemented in the framework of the EU Tempus project ‘Establishment of the supra-regional network of the national centers in medical education, focused on PBL and virtual patients.’

Among the invited guests of the event there were Serhii Butenko, Head of Health Department of Regional State Administration, Valentyna Dominas, Chief Physician of Sumy Municipal Clinical Hospital No.1, Volodymyr Lyubchak, SSU Vice-rector, and Kostyantyn Kyrychenko, Head of the International Affairs Office.

According to Vladyslav Smiianov, Director of SSU Medical Institute, the implementation of the pilot project lasts 3.5 years (from October 2012 till January 2016). The coordinators of the project are Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and St. George's University of London (UK). The aim of the project is the implementation of innovative educational strategies in medical education in Partner countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia).

As the results of the project we expect modernized medical educational programmes using interactive scenario of problem-based learning methods and creating a network of medical centers for implementation, monitoring and management of innovations in the field of medical education.

‘This is an important event for the entire medical industry. Once I have studied at Medical Institute, and I am pleased to note that the institute is improving fast, enriching its material and technical base. I am convinced that in the future we will continue close cooperation between management and science – Sumy State University, because it provides progressive changes for medical industry,’ says Serhii Butenko.

Since 2012 SSU Medical Institute is involved in realization of TEMPUS educational project ‘Establishment of the supra-regional network of the national centers in medical education, focused on PBL and virtual patients.’ Kostyantyn Kyrychenko called this project ‘the most powerful and most successful.’ SSU was able to adapt educational programme for a short period of time and integrate problem-based learning elements to it. According to Vladyslav Smiianov, the programme for 1.5 years of training in problem-oriented technologies using clinical cases (cases) provided by St. George's University of London (UK) was included in the 2nd and 3rd years of training SSU Medical Institute’s students.

Experts believe that the programme will allow training the next generation of professionals who will master professional skills, grow professionally and adapt to the environment, quickly solving problems and acquiring knowledge throughout life.

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