On April 22nd, 2016 Sumy State University held the meeting with Counselor for Public Affairs of the Embassy of the United States in Ukraine Conrad Turner. During this meeting Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project was presented. Besides Sumy State University, nine higher educational institutions of our country are involved in this project.

‘Implementation of academic integrity in educational process is an important part of our future activity,’ SSU Rector Anatoliy Vasylyev said, starting the meeting. ‘Otherwise, we will never overcome corruption in the country. We should make the algorithm and work out the rules by which students and teachers together will move on to academic integrity.’

Conrad Turner noted that the representatives of those universities that he had visited with his colleagues assured them in a great reputation of SSU. Also he was pleased to note that the University enthusiastically took part in the project.

The speaker of the meeting – the coordinator of Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project Taras Tymochko explained that the project had several key components and was of coordinating, advisory nature. ‘The information component of the Project is presented by a task to explain to students and teachers what academic integrity is and what plagiarism is,’ Taras Tymochko said. ‘Another task consists in creating a regulatory system, e.g. drafting Code of Honor. We have developed a certain model, and we want to show how these documents can be transformed into real mechanisms that will work directly in educational process.’ Also, the coordinator said that the Project was designed for 4 years and its implementation would involve a lot of tasks aimed at improving the quality of education in Ukraine. This fact and introduction of optional courses (a student chooses which subjects he/she would like to study), the transferring certain rights to students (instilling a sense of responsibility in them) and ‘building bridges’ between students, employers and universities would provide more effective education and qualification of future professionals.

‘Academic integrity in Sumy State University: Present and Prospects’ – that was the speech topic of the Head of Centre of Scientific & Technical and Economical Information of SSU Artem Artyukhov. In particular, he stressed out that the implementation of academic integrity at the University was a matter of its image. Also he said that SSU had a number of developments, including the Corporate Culture Code, the Regulation on preventing and detecting of academic plagiarism, there’re also scientific and academic commissions created, and lectures given. ‘Every person should recognize academic integrity, starting with themselves,’ Artem Artyukhov said.

According to Conrad Turner, SSU treats Strengthening Academic Integrity in Ukraine Project very responsibly; he also has predicted that very soon this matter will be discussed in the international community. ‘I am sure that Sumy State University is our perfect choice for the successful implementation of the Project: this institution will not only follow the recommendations, but also initiate its own ways of academic integrity,’ Mr. Turner emphasized.

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