On March 25th, 2016 the workshops from leading experts of ‘StopFake.org’ project took place at SSU. ‘StopFake.org’ experts discussed the newest ways journalists should collect, verify and use the information. This time Roman Kolgushev, the Head of Kyiv Post Newsroom Digital Innovation, and Artem Babak, the journalist of ‘StopFake.org’ project struggling against fake information about events in Ukraine, visited SSU.

Roman Kolgushev shared his experience of working with this new type of media called data journalism, and spoke about the benefits of its use and ways of visualization of materials.

‘It seems like not long ago Web 2.0 and social media have been the biggest trend, but times do change, and large amounts of data are becoming increasingly available, and the data processing tools happen to be within three clicks. Back in the days one needed to spend the whole day in order to process statistical information, now there’re various online resources that let us do that faster and more interesting,’ Roman says.

From what should one start the investigation? How to look for reliable information? How to tell apart a fake photo or video and a true one? How to use Internet services in the investigation effectively? Media expert Artem Babak has answered all of these questions. First of all, Artem has told everyone about the history and the work principles of ‘Stopfake.org’ web-site, which purpose is to expose fake information filling up the Internet and show people the truth with the real evidence.

The expert proved his words with the examples. SSU students together with the experts tried to tell apart a fake photo and a true one.

The participants of the workshops in media literacy, supported by the British Embassy in Ukraine, got a lot of interesting, useful and extremely relevant in our time information.

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