On December 21st a training and research laboratory of virtual and augmented reality Ulab was opened at Sumy State University. This is a unique laboratory that has no analogues in Ukrainian higher education institutions.

It can be used to construct virtual training objects for different educational programmes. For example, this laboratory gives an opportunity for modelling of any equipment, conducting of virtual social scenarios and experiments, organising of interactive tours and excursions, cooperation between participants within the training simulations (military, sport etc.).

“High quality modern education is impossible without modern technologies. The university utilizes leading developments for provision of quality educational process more for over 20 years. This laboratory is a good step in implementation of practice-oriented studying and will be of good help to students of all majors”, - emphasized the rector of SumDU Anatoliy Vasylyev.

“Thanks to this laboratory we are planning on changing approaches to learning – give students and teachers new opportunities and set of tools for the educational process. Virtual technologies facilitate the simulation of the future workplace or certain situation to the maximum extent feasible. They influence the process participant directly and emotionally that is a serious advantage of virtual reality technologies for utilization in training”, - noted the Head of the Center of E-learning Technologies of SumDU Yurii Zuban.

The presentation participants also got acquainted with the new video studio of SumDU where the training materials are being created through the use of virtual background, and renewed online studio that facilitates organization of training and scientific webinars, allows to conduct papers defenses online etc.

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