Sumy State University scientists are successfully undergoing internships in foreign higher education institutions. They are sharing their experience with the colleagues and learn from their views on teaching and specific researches. The year of 2019 was full of successful internships for lecturers of the Department of German Philology of SumDU.

In summer 2019 the internship of the Associate Professor of the Department of German Philology Vitalii Dorda came to the end. The internship started from September 2018. This was a grant from Shanghai University on the base of the Institute of Foreign Languages. The grant goal included the comparison of methods of English teaching at Chinese schools and linguistic centers considering international requirements. Lecturers from Kazakhstan, India, Croatia, Slovenia and some other countries were undergoing internship at the same time. SumDU scientist studied the methods of teaching English in Chinese schools from the perspective of cultural and national specifics, because one of the English teaching problems in China is quality preparation for international tests. According to Vitalii Dorda, internship participants worked with a big amount of theoretical material – learned the Chinese education system, specifics of foreign languages teaching in the world and China itself. During the practical part scientists tested different methods (creative and communicative mostly) directly at the local level.

Associate Professor of the Department of German Philology Olesia Yehorova got the opportunity to undergo an internship in Bremen, Germany. Her participation in foreign internship for German lecturers “Language, country studies and culture” became possible thanks to Goethe-Institute scholarship. The internship program, that gathered 25 lecturers of German from all over the world, focused on deciding the issues of linguistic studies transfer, in particular within cultural approach, and on the typology of tasks and work forms for achieving linguistic and culture-oriented academic goals on different stages of teaching. The participants not only shared their experience and best practices during everyday seminars and teamwork groups, but also the program anticipated a lot of field work where teachers interacted with Bremen students and ordinary citizens that allowed to appreciate Germany itself, analyze own ideas of the German culture.

Senior lecturer of the Department of German Philology Svitlana Yermolenko got the scholarship for advanced training in German city of Schwabisch Hall. The seminar on methods and didactics of teaching German took place in summer and comprised the virtual stage (2 online stages) and the stage of presence. The seminar included cultural program, gave a lot of possibilities for language and methodical practices and establishing contacts with the participants from other countries.

The 41st International Otto-Friedrich Summer University of Bamberg (Germany) gathered more than 70 participants from 21 countries. The representatives of Sumy State University are among the participants: Associate Professor of the Department of German Philology Olesia Yehorova and student of group PR-62 Alina Shynkarenko, who got the scholarships from the Otto-Friedrich University for participating the program. The leading idea of the 41st International Summer University became the themes of German literature and music, but study program included courses of linguistic studies, stylistics, methods of teaching of German, special courses of grammar and vocabulary, and “entertaining courses” (theatre, creative writing, chorus, games etc.) under the supervision of senior students of the university. The cultural program offered a variety of extracurricular events, excursions (Bamberg, Nurnberg, Bayreuth, Schesslitz), meetings with the experts and visits that allowed to communicate with the citizens of Bamberg and suburban and to develop more or less clear picture of history and culture of the region.

Lecturers of the Department of German Philology announce that soon the submission of applications for participation in different academic mobility programs will commence. So, keep track of the news and announcements at Telegram and at the event calendar at the website of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications.

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