The head of SSU International Affairs Department Kostyantyn I. Kyrychenko returned from training sessions at the University of Illinois and at the Institute of International Education in Washington (USA) within "The leadership Institute" programme funded by the U.S. Department of State.

This year 20 BA, MA and PhD students, postdoc researchers and teachers are taking part in EU Erasmus Mundus programme (Eminence, Eminence II, IANUS II and BACKIS projects). Leading universities in Poland, France, Italy, Portugal, Latvia and Romania host representatives of Sumy State University.

An extraordinary event was at SSU. The new dentistry building in SSU Medical Institute opened its doors on September 1.

Sumy State University is actively starting up new facilities, exclusively funded by the university. The new building will hosts classes for student, scientific researches, and also the healing process. The building has the most modern equipment. Moreover, by 2016 there will be a powerful dental laboratory.

SSU master student Yulia Jima and graduate student Olga Abramova got onto the winner’s podium at the SBWCH. 

In the women's race Olga Abramova became the champion. She reached the finish line in 30 minutes 44.6 seconds. Even five misses at the firing line could not stop her. (3 + 0 + 0 + 2).

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