The social life of Sumy State University is represented by a great variety of cultural programmes and projects. The vital questions of education, social support, and cultural development are tightly intertwined and make the number one priority for SumDU.

The majority of SumDU students gladly and consciously take part in the public life of Sumy. They are deeply engaged in volunteering that can be considered not only as a way to serve the community but also as a great possibility to get new experiences and valuable skills by helping those in need. Among the volunteering activities, one can mention cleaning the streets of the hometown, visiting orphanages around the whole region, preventative actions against smoking, tuberculosis, and AIDS, etc.

SumDU offers an amazing chance to get involved in social and sporting events. It provides a window of opportunities for a healthy and active lifestyle. For example, our sports club “University” operates 36 kinds of sports including football, basketball, swimming, fitness, aerobics, boxing, etc. SumDU is extremely proud of its sports champions and prize winners of All-Ukrainian and International Championships and Competitions.

If you are not that interested in sports and those activities simply do not suit you, SumDU Student Club will be of good use for you. Our students can become a part of the modern ballroom dance group, folk dance group, artistic reading society, instrumental ensemble, dramatic art group, etc., showing their talents, extravaganza, and creativity.

Among our university facilities, one can find Driving School guided by the highly qualified driving instructors who will teach you how to drive safe and sound. There’s also the Library & Information Center which offers nearly 3 million paper copies and the electronic library.

Sumy State University guarantees comfortable living conditions and a friendly amicable atmosphere prevailing in its residencies Students of about 70 nationalities currently live there.

The process of adaptation to life in a different country and the realities of academic everyday routine can cause a lot of stress not only for foreign students but also for the Ukrainian ones. That’s why SumDU offers psychological counseling and various support centers to make it easier.

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