Solid educational background has always been the best investment into future. Every year thousands of Ukrainian graduates come to job market and face lots of problems while looking for a job. That is why many senior students plan on continuing education abroad. International education provides young people with splendid opportunities for employment in different countries.

Why Canada?

Canada is one of the most developed countries with high standards in education, medicine, science and social sphere. Students who graduate from Canadian colleges and universities have wide career prospective. They are wanted in companies in Northern America, Europe and Asia.  

The main reason to get education in Canada:

• Canadian colleges recognize Sumy State University Diploma therefore students can continue education in the same major.
• After obtaining Bachelor’s Degree from Sumy State University students can transfer credits and get Canadian Bachelor’s Degree in 2 years.
• Canadian education is cheaper in comparison with USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zeeland.
• Colleges and universities offer of 1, 2, 3 year long programs as well as bachelor’s degrees, post-graduate certificates and master’s programs.
• Students who apply for post-graduate programs can continue their education in the same field from Sumy State University or choose new direction.
• All full-time students may work 20 hours per week during studies with minimum 11 CAD per hour.
• Many educational programs include co-op option (paid field placement) with pay rate starting from 17 CAD per hour.
• After graduation from college international students get work permit for one or three years.
• 85% graduated find work according to their specialty in 3-4 months after finishing studies.
• International students may choose among several housing options: college residence, homestay family or rent an apartment.  

What kinds of programs do colleges offer?

Diploma, Advanced Diploma
These are 2 or 3 year long programs which highlight practical knowledge and skills.
Tuition fees: from 9000 USD

Bachelor Degree
4 year-long programs which highlights theoretical knowledge and skills reqired for administrators and top-managers.
Tuition fees: from 11000 USD

Post Graduate Diploma/Certificate
These are programs for students who graduated from universities and desire to continue education abroad in a specific field and get international work experience.
Tuition fees: from 10000 USD

Master Degree
2 year long programs for those who want to have career in science and research. Such programs concentrate on individual projects, working on new theories and ideas.
Tuition fees: from 16000 USD  

What can I study in Canada?


Construction Project Management

This program will provide specialized and practical training in construction project management. In addition to core skills in contract administration, quality management, value engineering, project planning, scheduling and risk management, students will gain knowledge in softer skills related to leadership, communication and negotiation. Learning will be enhanced through the use of case studies, group work and the submission of a final comprehensive project.

Robotics and Industrial Automation

Graduates are prepared for an exciting career in the area of industrial automation using robotics and PLCs, including equipment specification, design, installation and troubleshooting. Sample job titles include: controls technician, maintenance person, robotic technician, PLC programmer, automation specialist, solid works operator. Typical fields of employment include small to large manufacturing and support industries including automation consultants, automotive manufacturing, food and beverage processing and packaging, pharmaceutical, and more.

Process Quality Engineering

This program provides individuals with the knowledge and techniques to improve the delivery and quality of manufactured goods and services. The material that is taught in this program can be applied within any area of an organization and the focus is on the achievement of performance excellence in manufacturing and business processes through the use of modern quality improvement methods. The program develops the skills required to perform process quality roles in a broad range of organizations.

Environmental Engineering Applications

This program meets the demand for trained technologists and environmental scientists in the areas of brownfield redevelopment, environmental monitoring, regulatory compliance and enforcement. It was developed in consultation with representatives from the environmental industry. The program is reviewed and updated by a Program Advisory Committee comprised of practitioners from the consulting, manufacturing, and public sectors.

Information Technologies

Computer Applications Development

This program will be of interest those who wish to pursue a career as a software developer or analyst, or to use those skills to complement career skills they already possess. The program provides students with a broad business and technical background in web, mobile and database application development, as well as systems analysis and design. This program provides the student with programming experience and the skills necessary to analyze and design information technology (IT)-based solutions for business and consumer applications.

Information Technology Network Security

This program is designed to address this growing threat to our network infrastructure. It will provide students with the security background in network technologies, computing hardware, operating and protocols, to harden and further secure such systems from attack. Students will learn to identify threats through audits and supporting technical methods, as well as evaluate and develop appropriate policies to support a strong organizational security posture.

Game Development – Advanced Programming

This program simulate a realistic work environment that integrates game programming, tool development, digital art, storytelling and project management. This unique integrated approach prepares students for success in a collaborative, highly creative work environment.
You'll learn advanced game programming techniques, utilize industry-standard technologies, and apply your programming skills to animation, artificial intelligence and multiplayer systems.

Web Design

Program provides professional skills that translate directly to the marketing and communications, advertising, e-commerce and web design industries. This program offers the shortest path to a web design career: you can be working in less than a year. Student will learn to work in a wide range of design-related fields, including graphic design, illustration, architecture, industrial design and fine arts.

Business and Economy

Event Management

The Event Management program is specifically designed to meet the needs of a growing industry in the planning and management of events. The program will provide students with specialized training in event management and will assist students in obtaining and developing the skills and understanding necessary to plan, promote and operate events for the public, non-profit, and corporate sectors.

Financial Planning Services

Graduates of the program are qualified to work in a variety of financial sector positions. These include banks, trust companies, insurance companies, mutual/fund investment companies, full-service and discount brokerage firms, as well as financial planning firms.

Human Resources Management

In an increasingly complex working environment, the services of a competent human resources professional are highly valued. Thriving organizations employ these practitioners to manage their most important resource: the people who make things happen.

Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management

Canada’s hotels, resorts, and restaurants are world-renowned and their standards have become global benchmarks to which many successful organizations aspire. These standards and a deep-rooted connection with multi-national hotel, resort and restaurant organizations form the basis of this uniquely advanced graduate certificate.


Advanced Television and Film - Script to Screen

The Advanced Television and Film – Script to Screen program will offer you a comprehensive, in-depth and hands-on understanding of what goes into developing and producing quality feature films and TV shows.
This multidisciplinary program will be especially beneficial for writers, directors, producers, editors, actors and other film and television craftspeople who want to expand their knowledge of the industry.

Journalism – New Media

Teachers of the courses have long established careers as the country's best journalists and have worked all over the world. Benefit from their experience as you learn news writing, research and digital technologies. Learn to: shoot and edit videos, photos and audio; build interactive maps, timelines and data visualizations; read and decode data for in-depth news reporting and storytelling; leverage social media to research and find news sources; and establish your journalistic brand using entrepreneurial skills.

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