• Revised and updated the university level PT bachelor study program of four years. 
  • New PT master study program offering advanced professional competence in different physiotherapy specializations (e.g., orthopedics, APA, sport).
  • The group of 40 qualified/certified physiotherapists will be prepared for partner HEIs. The core teaching staff will be built capable of teaching PT according to European standards. Staff will be formed by retrained faculty members of legacy qualifications, by newly graduated PTs and by invited EU experts.

1. Winter School on Physical Therapy (24.02.-28.02.2020)

2. Training meeting "Evaluation of professional competencies of the Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy masters (20.11.-21.11.2019)"

3. Coordination meeting on the base of Lithuanian Sports University (21.10.-26.10.2019)

4. Coordination meeting on the base of Jozef Pilsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw (20.05.-26.05.2019)

5. The seminar on "The modern education technologies in the physical therapists' professional preparation" (19.04.2019)

6. The project kick-off meeting on the base of Latvian Academy of Sport Education (16.01.-19.01.2019)

  • Competency profile for physical therapist satisfying international requirements will be identified. This profile would be approved at the national level and become the mandatory basis for all Ukrainian universities wishing to provide physical therapy study program.
  • New PT master students will have the possibility to participate in the IMP in the EU and through Erasmus+ mobility through Erasmus programs and from own costs.
  • The medical care system would change to accommodate new professionals in physiotherapy. The partnership with the Ministry of Healthcare in this project will facilitate the recognition of the PT as a profession.
  • In five years, there will be up to 800 graduates of Consortium universities or up to 5000 graduates of all universities, with good employment prospects (current job market needs is about 35,000 PT).

Research Publications

Yezhova О.О., Sytnyk О.А., Brizhata І.А. Methodical aspects of the development of educational programme on physical therapy of the second (master’s) level // Scientific journal of The National Pedagogical Drahomanov University. Series 15: Scientific and pedagogical problems of physical culture (physical culture and sports), 2020 (in press), approximately March 2020 (professional edition).


In frames of the REHAB project, SumDU has acquired equipment for the total amount of 62,000 Euro to equip Laboratories on physical rehabilitation. Laboratories’ equipment will prompt in the increasing the quality level of physical therapy higher education (European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education). While studying future physical therapists will be able to acquire professional and practical skills using specialized equipment for rehabilitation of children and adults with movement disorders.

Physical Therapy Laboratory at SumDU

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