Times Higher Education: Sumy State University – among the best universities in Engineering and Technology

Times Higher Education company that publishes not only rankings of higher educational institutions in general, but also rankings on certain areas of knowledge, published its updated version of the THE University Rankings in Engineering and Technology.

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SumDU scientist is one of the winners of the program of advanced training in pathology Giordano Fellowship

In 2019, representatives of Ukraine applied for participation in the program of advanced training in pathology for the first time with the support of the European Society of Pathology (ESP).

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SumDU receives two lecturers of Bingham University (Nigeria) on faculty exchange

Sumy State University welcomes two faculty members from Bingham University (Nigeria) to lecture for three months in the framework of cooperation agreement between institutions.

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Bath Spa University delegation from the United Kingdom visited SumDU

On September 30th – October 4th the delegation from Bath Spa University (Bath, UK) - Professor Inna Pomorina and Professor Lu Liu of the Business School and Postgraduate Coordinator Sean Cameron, visited Sumy State University under the joint Erasmus+ KA107 project.

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In April respected international publishing house “Springer Nature” (Switzerland) published two collective monographs of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies’ scientists.

Scientific works are the result of the research and international cooperation of Sumy State University (Ukraine), Poznan University of Technology (Poland) and University of Minho (Portugal). Associate Professor of the Department of General Mechanics and Dynamics of the Machines Ivan Pavlenko and Associate Professor of the Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Machines and Tools Vitalii Ivanov were the monographs co-authors. These monographs are also included in the series "Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering" indexed by the international Scopus Database. They contain the results of the researches, that will be highlighted at the International scientific conference “MANUFACTURING 2019” dedicated to 100th anniversary of Poznan University of Technology.

This books series is a modern practice-oriented edition that highlights different topic linked with “Industry 4.0” concept having emphasis on the increasing of effectiveness of manufacturing processes and innovative methods for intellectual production, as well as modern methods of machine building, in particular in design of machine building equipment and assembly of products including technological aspects of manufacturing, mechatronics and technical support.

Works can be found at the links.

"Advances in Manufacturing II. Volume 1 - Solutions for Industry 4.0", authors: Justina Trojanowska, Olaf Ciszak (Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland), Jose Machado (University of Minho, Braga, Portugal), Ivan Pavlenko (SumDU, Sumy, Ukraine);

"Advances in Manufacturing II. Volume 4 - Mechanical Engineering", authors: Bartosz Gapinski, Marek Szostak (Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland), Vitalii Ivanov (SumDU, Sumy, Ukraine).


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