European HEI put a high value on cooperation with SumDU at the meeting in Uppsala, Sweden

Sumy State University joined the international project “Two steps: Internationalization in practice – Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus” under the sponsorship of The Baltic University Programme. The project is dedicated to enhancement of internationalization in higher education institutions, and international networking among universities of Ukraine, Sweden and Belarus. Also, the project is oriented to representatives of international affairs departments and internationalization departments.

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SumDU scientists prepare another joint project with Chinese researchers

On May 15th-16th representatives of “PolyTechnologies, Inc” company (Beijing, People’s Republic of China) and Nanjing Scientific and Research Institute of Electronic Technology (PRC) visited Sumy State University with working trip. They conducted the final stage of negotiations regarding implementation of the project that involves development of methods and algorithms of air targets radar determination.

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SumDU signed an agreement of cooperation with Bingham University (Nigeria)

On May 21st-24th representatives of Bingham University (Federal Republic of Nigeria) visited Sumy State University composed of the rector – Professor William Barnabas Qurix, University Development Office coordinator Misal Daburi Bello and Head of the Department of Chemical Sciences of the university – Professor Joseph Aniredju Lori.

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SumDU student became the world champion and set a new world record

From May 18th to 25th Tokio hosted the Bench Press and Classic Bench Press World Championship among all the age groups. 

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On April 23rd Georg Milbradt, Special envoy of the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany in the field of reforms in Ukraine, visited Sumy State University.

Professor Milbradt was accompanied by the members of the team of U-LEAD project in Ukraine: programme director of U-LEAD with Europe Bastian Veigel, special advisers to the programme Anna Bunyak and Artem Komolov, Head of Communications, Dialogue and Networking Unit Astrid Kohl, communications specialist Yuriy Svirko and the representative of the Decentralization, sectorial reforms, Support Group for Ukraine, Policy officer Benedikt Herrmann. Guests met with the SumDU representation and communicated with students.

During the official meeting Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogic work Volodymyr Lyubchak presenting SumDU experience noted, that the university’s mission lies not only in specialists’ preparation, but also in the opportunity to give youth the chance to influence the changes in society. “For these reasons the university has all the necessary resources aimed at the development: from human resourcing to the basis – material and technical, cultural, sport etc. SumDU supports the policy of the open access in all the spheres of life activities of the HEI”, - Volodymyr Lyubchak emphasized.

After the official part Georg Milbradt presented a report to students of SumDU on “Chances for youth within the decentralization reform” and described Germany’s experience in the decentralization process. The report was followed by the lively discussion about priorities of the decentralization reform in Sumy region.


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