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SSU has developed its own Learning Content Management System (LCMS) to solve problems of the use of e-learning resources in all forms of education. Key moments of SSU LCMS are supported for different interactive learning tools, complete cycle of development and use of e learning content, role-based framework for user permissions and duties. LCMS of Sumy State University organizes student education activity since the moment of application to the training programme. It supports a full quantity of materials, starting from the prior planning of the course structure and content development to the integration into academic process. LCMS provides a clear separation of available functionality for different such groups of users as administrators, course authors, developers, teachers, students, guests, and etc. In interaction between students and teachers the system of electronic messages with options for e-mail copies and RSS-syndication is used. Nowadays, nearly 600 messages per day are sent by users. One of important options of e-learning system is the content reuse. LCMS of SSU allows assembling the different training programmes and groups, using the single database of educational content.

SSU Distance Learning System is provided by the following units:
1) University Administration;
2) Regional Center of Distance Learning;
3) Teaching Staff;
4) Laboratory of Pedagogical Innovation;
5) System of E-learning Laboratory.

From the technical point of view, SSU Distance Learning System is a complex product, which was created using such open source products as Ruby on Rails - Web Application Framework, PostgreSQL and Postgres RDBMS, nginx (engine x) and Apache web servers, mimeTex for mathematical expression images. Developers use Git and Subversion control systems for the code and minor versions of educational content. Video transcoding is provided by a set of software based on FFmpeg.

In the period from 2002 till 2009 Sumy State University has conducted training of economists, financiers, managers, lawyers, information technology experts and journalists. Nowadays 93,8% visitors of the university website look for e-learning website (according to Alexa.com). Nearly 1,300 persons and 30,000 viewed pages per day (according to Google Analytics).

In accordance with the information in 20 September, 2012 more than 5,700 users are registered in the system and about 480 courses are available. Every day more than 400 authorized users work in the system. For the last year http://dl.sumdu.edu.ua/en webpage was visited nearly 270,000 times from 57 countries.

Online Studio

Since October 2010 academic year, online audio and video broadcasts of teachers stuff tutorials in local learning centers at SSU were started. Starting in September 2009 more than 200 online-tutorials were held. On 07 October 2010, grand opening of online studio was held at SSU Regional Centre of Distance Learning grand.

Online Studio provides:
• online-tutorials and classes for students and part-time distance learning;
• two-way audio and video communication of teacher and students;
• unlimited use of the virtual sensor board for virtual presentations and virtual demonstrations;
• recording and online broadcast of training videos.

The studio allows teachers to work simultaneously. Each workplace is soundproofed, equipped with tools for communication with local distance learning centers.

Automated system of SSU distance learning has tools for publishing and further use of video content. Video content is made in such way that it allows student not only hear and see the teacher, but also observe all actions that she operates on the computer during a demonstration of distance course and explanations for working with it, while performing classes.

Today about 300 educational videos are implemented in the distance learning system.

Virtual Content Creation Technology

Nowadays the methodical constituent of the distance learning system contains more than 200 one or two semester educational distance courses. Distance course is a valuable complex on educational discipline that contains the complete set of lecture materials, test tasks, computer aids and links to other sources, including traditional sources of information. Electronic workbook of lectures provides a student with advantages of availability of needed information and speed search for required answers. Among interactive computer tools the following are used: tests, trainers and multimedia virtual works. Methodical base contains over 300 trainers and 70 flash-trainers and multimedia virtual works.

As for the technologies that are used for content creation we can mention next directions:
• Java technology;
• Flash technology;
• CSS+HTML technology.

Nowadays trend is to create construction tools that help teachers to build their own trainers and courses.


Huge experience of implementing computer technologies into different forms of education, e learning system of Sumy State University, qualified staff make the base for participation in various international projects. We took part in Tempus JEP "ECESIS," which gave opportunity to familiarize with the modern experience of management and product adaptation of this knowledge to local conditions in collaboration with experts from Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Armenia and countries of European Union: Germany, Poland, Spain and Slovak Republic.

We are ready for collaboration!


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