On December 7th students of Sumy State University communicated with political advisors of European Union member states embassies in Ukraine. The event took place within practice-based learning course of "Political Science" with the assistance of Andriana Kostenko, Deputy Head of the Department of Psychology, Political Science and Sociocultural Technologies of SSU.

The day before diplomats visited Kharkiv.

In Sumy the discussion took place in the Сongress center of SSU. The event welcomed representatives of 25 diplomatic missions of EU member states, among them were Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland and others. Fabio Della Piazza, the Head of the Political Section of the EU Delegation to Ukraine and advisor, headed a foreign delegation. Purpose of diplomats’ visit to SSU was to discuss with students the efficiency of reforms in Ukraine, youth initiatives, processes of European integration and so on. Students learned about the specifics of cooperation within Ukraine and EU and expressed their opinion on sociopolitical, economic processes in the region.

Fabio Della Piazza has commented: “We strive to explain the EU mission to students, and such form of communication will help us to understand their opinion on social process in Sumy, ideas as for future of the city and the country. The youth is the most active part of the society, that’s why they should be interested in Ukraine European integration. I hope our meeting will excite their curiosity to learn more about EU”.

Politics and Elections 2019 in Ukraine have been discussed most of all. Yuliia Berdnyk, sophomore of the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications, said that she has conducted a survey among students of Sumy region. She also said that the youth has no interest to politics: “Young people don’t want to talk about politics explaining it by the fact that they are not aware enough of politics issues. Some students don’t understand the functions of majority election system. Although, politics is of a greater interest in Sumy: there are youth organizations operating, Political Science is taught in higher education institutions, new projects are constantly being implemented. The region situation is much worse”.

Dialogue with SSU students has finished the cycle of working diplomats’ meetings.

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