On April 25th , the traditional talent show "Mister Foreign Student-2018" was held at Sumy State University. 8 students from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, India and Jordan have turned into the secret-service agents. The participants revealed their talents, showed their charisma and courage and impressed audience with the originality of traditional costumes during the five rounds of the competition.

The first runway walk was in James Bond style. Wearing classic suits, the participants showed their abilities to present themselves on a stage. The next round presupposed a coming-out as a photo model. Previously, the participants took part in a photoshoot by Nataliia Karmazina. The aim of the photoshoot was to reveal the national spirit of the characters. The participants turned into the Ukrainian kozaks after that. Dancing incendiary with their female partners, the participants proved that the secret-service agents of James Bond level could feel themselves completely free in Ukraine.

Thanks to the creativity competition, the participants revealed to the audience the world of the international talents. The representative of Azerbaijan Abbasov Rauf showed his national dance first. The representative of Sudan Omran Ahmed Adam caught the idea of international unity in his song. The representative of Nigeria Caleb Obari surprised everyone with his artistic skills and plasticity in his dance. The representative of Turkmenistan Nepes Charyev told about a true man, his courage and honor, power and loyalty in a declaimed poem. The representative of Jordan Hekman Lofti Etaiwi combined his sinning and dancing talents. The representative from Nigeria Franklin Ujah unfolded the concept of fight between good and evil in his dance. The representative of Tanzania Gabriel Shantiva sang song about love. The representative from India Dollar Soni created an atmosphere of Bollywood for the audience and performed his national dance.

The last round competition was a runway walk in Men in Black style, wearing black glasses and suits as true agents. Also, they sang a song together. Thus, it was the last chance to present themselves on stage.

A jury panel included: a member of National Union of Photo Artists of Ukraine Nataliia Karmazina; master of sports in sports acrobatics, internationally certified judge with a license for international judging according to the International Dance Organization Tsyrkin Serhii; researcher of the Department of Management of SSU, Miss SSU-1999 Tetiana Maiboroda; poet, teacher of Turkish language and literature at the liceo classico in Antalia Metin Sesen; student rector of SSU Anastasiia Honcharova.

The jury marked that the level of the competition was incredibly high. Every participant was awarded with a certain nomination:

  • Mister Extreme – Caleb Obari (Nigeria);
  • Mister Popularity – Dollar Soni (India);
  • Mister Talent – Gabriel Shantiva (Tanzania);
  • Mister Photo Model – Omran Ahmed Adam (Sudan);
  • Mister Masculinity – Nepes Charyev (Turkmenistan);
  • Mister Smile – Hekman Lofti Etaiwi (Jordan);
  • Mister Elegance – Franklin Ujah (Nigeria);
  • Mister Style – Abbasov Rauf (Azerbaijan).

The representative of India Dollar Soni has won the title of the Mister Foreign Student-2018 of Sumy State University. Gabriel Shantiva, the representative from Tanzania, holds the Vice Mister tittle.

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