The representative of SSU took part in German-Ukrainian Youth Conference

The German-Ukrainian Youth Partnership Conference was held in Berlin, Germany 6th-11th December, 2017. Sumy State University was represented by the director of the student club “Sport Line” Victor Muntian, the Head of Sumy Youth Council of the separate division of the Public Union “National Youth Council of Ukraine”.

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The festival “World without War” was held by the foreign students at SSU

The traditional creativity festival took place at Sumy State University December 8th , 2017. This time it has been named as “World without War”. The First vice-rector Vasyl D. Karpusha greeted everyone with the words: “Our University is a big, multicultural family. It is pleased to notice that our students live in peace, unity, help and support each other. This big family has a name – Sumy State University. I want to wish all of you the peaceful sky, first of all. Please, don’t forget that your achievements make our world better.”

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The foreign students have celebrated the Independence Day of Tanzania at SSU

Tanzanian students of Sumy State University celebrated the Independence Day of their country December 9th , 2017. The holiday concert was held, which includes folk songs and dances, cheering ethnic foods, theatrical performances with the traditional costumes, etc.

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The representatives of SSU took part in the celebration of the International Volunteer Day

On 9th of December, the International Volunteer Day event was held at Sumy Regional Scientific Library. The participants of the meeting listened to the motivational speeches of the well- known volunteers and participated in various workshops.

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The Forum under the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was held at SSU

On 7th of December, the Forum “Benefits of European Integration for Enterprises and Organizations of Sumy Region” was held at the Congress Center of Sumy State University. A big event was held by the Center for Business Support of Sumy unit of the NGO “Council of Young Scientists” which had an agreement on cooperation with Sumy State University. 

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The representatives of SSU participated in the international project on academic leaders training

The representatives of Sumy State University – the Head of the Department of Economic Cybernetics of the Academic and Research Institute of Business Technologies “Ukrainian Academy of Banking” Olha Kuzmenko and Yuliia Shkodkina, the Head of the Strengthening Academic Integrity assigned group, took part in the project “Innovative University and Leadership. Stage III: Innovation and Relationship with the Ambience”. 

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On November 24th , the laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine 2017 in a field of education were awarded at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 

The prestigious award was given to the staff of SSU in the nomination “Higher education” for the work “Scientific and theoretical, methodological and technological aspects of the integrated IT support for the activity of the innovative university” – Rector of Sumy State University Anatoliy Vasylyev, Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogic work Volodymyr Lyubchak, Director of organizational and methodical center of e- learning technologies Yury Zuban, the Head of Computer Science Department Anatoliy Dovbysh.

During the greetings, Liliia Hrynevych said: “The award is a very important motivation for the pedagogical and scientific staff and their creativity, and we are highly interested in submitted to the award works to support the reform of education. This year's State Prize was given to such unparalleled works that can be applied in the educational process and have great implementation significance. According to the results of discussions, professional analysis and rating secret voting, we had recommended 8 teams for the State Prize. You remember the meeting where the candidates for the award were defined and a lot of lists were re-executed”.

The Minister noted the keen competition of the works, as well as the fact that in two nominations the winners were not defined: “I believe that's right, because it is crucially important for us the prize to be awarded for special and extraordinary works. I would like to promote the achievements of this prize as well as these winning works published both in press and all possible information portals for Ukrainians to better acquaint with them”.

The Minister of Education and Science read off the greetings of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to the laureates: “Dear Winners, I congratulate you with all my heart on awarding the laureates with the State Prize of Ukraine 2017 in a field of education. The competition entries have received a wide public recognition, as evidenced by the reviews and expert findings of the leading specialists. I believe that your versatile talents, work experience and inexhaustible creative vitality will be a key for achieving goals in your activities. I wish you good health, happiness, self- belief and further creative success to our joint work”.

Rector of Sumy State University Anatoliy Vasylyev, expressed gratitude to the Minister, members of the committee and the President of Ukraine, during the receipt of the award. “This is an assessment of the performance of the entire staff of the university,” – he said, – “We recognize this award as an impact on the further efforts of SSU, its attempts to correspond with a modern European university”.


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