SSU student is the best Ukrainian athlete in February

According to the results of the annual poll conducted by the Ukrainian Athletic Federation, a student of Sumy State University Vitalii Butrym (the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications) was recognized as the best Ukrainian athlete in February.

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Teachers of SSU are the winners of the International badminton tournament

Recently, an international badminton tournament "Amateur and Veterans International tournament Kiev-2018" was held in Kiev. About 250 sportsmen from Ukraine, India, Katar, Moldavia, Estonia and other countries took part in the competition.

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Winter Spartakiade among foreign students was held at SSU

On the 6th of March, a winter sports meeting for the foreign students was held at the sanatorium complex “Univer” of Sumy State University. The event was organized jointly by the Department of International Education and the Department of Physical Education of SSU. 

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SSU student is a bronze medalist of the Archery World Championship

The Archery World Championship was held February 14th-19th , 2018, in the city of Yankton (USA). The student of the Medical Institute of Sumy State University (major "Sport") Oleksii Hunbin, along with Viktor Ruban and Heorhoii Ivanytskyi, took third place in team competitions.

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An opportunity of undergoing a training practice at the “Škoda Transportation”, the Czech Republic, was presented November 21st , 2017, at Sumy State University. The Chief Project Engineer Kirill Kasaev acquainted students with the general principles of the company and informed about the training practice undergoing opportunity.

A practice selection processes will include the following several stages: CV (English preferably), IQ test, individual project performing (topic – by the company) and interviewing via Skype. A special attention will be given to a letter of recommendation, provided by the relative department. The applications can be submitted by the end of the year.

The requirements for the candidates are the next: to be a 4th -6th year student; to know a 3- D modeling basics; to obtain at least B1 Level of English. The students will perform an individual project papers according to the results of which a corporate employee will be selected. The travel expenses are reimbursed, food and accommodations are provided by the host party.

The Agreement on Cooperation between SSU and the “Škoda Transportation” and the Academic Mobility Assisting was signed in autumn, previous year. The students of SSU have already conducted a training practice at the “Škoda Transportation” this summer.


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