National memory record has been set at SSU (+video)

On 14th of March, the International Pi Day, an alumnus of Sumy State University, the Head of the Memory Improvement School at Sumy State University Artem Harin set a record in reproducing the super-volumes of the numerical information. This is the third record of the “man-computer”, as Artem is also called. 

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Student of Sumy State University is an Ambassador of the European Student Think Tank in Ukraine

The student of Sumy State University Anastasiia Korotun (the Faculty of Foreign Language and Social Communication, major – Translation) became an ambassador of the European Student Think Tank in Ukraine. The girl who had applied was chosen among the other students by means of the interview with the representatives of the organization.

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SSU student is the best Ukrainian athlete in February

According to the results of the annual poll conducted by the Ukrainian Athletic Federation, a student of Sumy State University Vitalii Butrym (the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications) was recognized as the best Ukrainian athlete in February.

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Teachers of SSU are the winners of the International badminton tournament

Recently, an international badminton tournament "Amateur and Veterans International tournament Kiev-2018" was held in Kiev. About 250 sportsmen from Ukraine, India, Katar, Moldavia, Estonia and other countries took part in the competition.

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The Head of the Department of Nanoelectronics of SSU Alexander Pogrebnjak was awarded with the gown and the diploma “Honored Professor of the D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University”. The researcher, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, received the award at the D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University, the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Alexander Pogrebnjak was awarded with the title “Honored Professor” for the assistance of the university's development by his research activities, for the outstanding contribution to the university's scientific and educational development, and joint scientific work.

The D. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan State Technical University is one of the leading universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It trains the specialists of a wide range in engineering, informational-technological, economic-managerial, natural-scientific, architecture- designing specialties. The university has received 3 QS stars in terms of the international ranking system “QS Stars” for educational quality, employability and innovation activity.

In terms of the visit, the professor of Sumy State University has conducted a course of lectures for masters and post-graduate students, and, also, he has held consultations on writing and defensing the dissertation papers for a Ph.D. degree of two postgraduate students, in which he serves as a research supervisor. The results of the visit are maintaining the contacts with the Kazakh colleagues and discussing ideas on the joint projects ahead.


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