SSU students – participants of international summer school

The international summer science school commenced its work for the students of three universities: 15 students and postgraduates from Sumy State University and Sumy National Agrarian University and 5 from Czech University of Natural Sciences. The school started off within the implementation of the joint project with Czech University of Natural Sciences “The strengthening of building capacity process in the sphere of education quality and scientific research in SSU and SNAU”.

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SSU students won medals on the Junior Judo Cups in Europe

Junior European Judo Cup matches were held on July 14th-15th, in the Paks (Hungaria). More than three hundred athletes from Europe, Oceania, Asia and America took part in the competition. Among the Ukrainian athletes were students of Sumy State University.

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SSU scientist joined the development of a European regulatory environment for the integrity of research activities

The first online meeting for the representatives of the Research Integrity Task Force, which was created under the auspices of the European Council of PhD students and young scientists (EURODOC) was held in the beginning of July. The group is an international federation and consists of 32 national associations of PhD students and young scientists from the European Union and the Council of Europe. 

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SSU students received awards at the Open Cup of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Judo Team Championship

On July 1st-12th, the Athletics Complex of SSU hosted the "line fight" competitions of the Open Cup of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Judo Team Championship. About three hundred athletes from all over Ukraine, as well as from Israel, Georgia and Azerbaijan, took part in the competitions. Winners in fourteen weight categories among women and men will represent the national team of Ukraine at the World Championship.

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The Head of the Computer Technologies Center Andrii Piven and the Head of the Department of Practice and Integration Communication with Employers Vadym Lukianikhin presented SAP University Alliances programme November 8th , 2017, within the meeting under the First vice-rector of SSU Vasyl D. Karpusha. The agreement on cooperation between two institutions had been signed.

SAP University Alliances is a global programme enabling more than 3,200 educational institutions in over 111 countries to integrate the latest SAP technologies into teaching. The German company SAP “Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing” is a leader in digital transformation and technologies integration of the 4 th industrial revolution all-over the world.

SAP Company takes 178th position in FORBES 2000 of the most open companies all-over the world and it takes 3rd place in Soft & Programming category just after the Microsoft and Oracle according to 2017 List.

About 86 000 companies situated in more than 120 countries around the world use SAP software in their work, beginning with solutions for medium and small businesses, ending with complex solutions for global corporations. More than 250 Ukrainian entities and state institutions use SAP.

Andrii Piven informed the heads of the institutes, faculties, departments and IT- specialists about the opportunities within SAP, available for teachers and students. The teachers can undergo advanced trainings, get high quality teaching materials in business processing in accordance with the studied field, invite experts for open lectures, get scientific consultations within writing Candidate’s or Doctoral dissertation, conduct innovative scientific and research work to the benefit of SAP and partners` ecosystem, take part in the contests and grants, integrate with the participants of the programme all-over the world. The students can get practical knowledge, undergo advanced training within SAP ecosystem with further successful employment, integrate with SAP experts, be engaged in innovative research and the technology of the business, use SAP technologies for own developing and its implementation within SAP partnership. Andrii Piven told the following, presenting the given by SAP resources: “SAP technologies is the system of business control, including resource management (raw materials, inventory and human resources), project management and industrial activity. Such systems are highly intelligent software environment that regulates business processes of the organization. It is an effective tool for both large global companies and for medium and small businesses. In addition, the company's new directions of innovation are aimed at developing smart city projects, supporting a wide range of start-ups.

SAP University Alliances gives teachers solutions and educational material for usage in education and research sphere, aiming to provide quality trainings for designers, developers, data analysis specialists, engineers/makers, entrepreneurs and business leaders to provide future.

SAP University Alliances aims to develop critical skills for the digital future and provide access to collaboration with experts and senior executives of creative business. All services and work formats are committed to SAP commitments to support 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

At present, there are educational materials for 12 key topics available at SSU (ERP – enterprise resource planning, SRM – supplier relations management, financial accounting, data analysis, Internet things, mobile development, supply management, software development, cloud computing, databases and etc.). There are about 600 courses in total.

Sumy State University gives opportunity to download the available demo-materials, namely, Lumira (data visualization and business analysis), Ariba (SRM-portal); SAP Cloud Platform (cloud database and development platform with such libraries, as IoT, Predictive, Geospacial), SNAP (the language of visual programming), iOS SDK for SCP (beginning with December 2017, development package for iOS for SCP) in the SAP Learning Hub Academic Edition portal for usage within education process.

The Head of the Department of Practice and Integration Communication with Employers Vadym Lukianikhin pointed that signing agreement with SAP gave real opportunities of advanced trainings for students and teachers of SSU, basing on the cooperation of global renown.

The presentation of the SAP University Alliances


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