SSU student is a bronze medalist of the Archery World Championship

The Archery World Championship was held February 14th-19th , 2018, in the city of Yankton (USA). The student of the Medical Institute of Sumy State University (major "Sport") Oleksii Hunbin, along with Viktor Ruban and Heorhoii Ivanytskyi, took third place in team competitions.

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SSU students will take part in the World Athletics Championship

Ukrainian Athletics Championship was held February 9th-11th , 2018, in the athletics complex of Sumy State University.

According to the results of 2017, the best athletes, coaches and judges were awarded during the championship opening ceremony. The best track athlete of 2017 was Serhii Smelyk, an alumnus of Sumy State University.

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An unforgettable weekend was organized for the foreign students of SSU

Recently, the administration and staff of the Department of International Education of Sumy State University organized an original and interesting event for the foreign students. It was held at the sanatorium complex “Univer”. The 60 freshmen of SSU from India attended it.

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Student of SSU is a two-time medalist of the Biathlon European Championships among juniors

Bohdan Tsymbal, a student of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies of Sumy State University took part in the Biathlon European Championships among juniors. The competition has been recently held in Pokljuka, Slovenia.

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The administration, teachers and students of SSU met with the professors of Fairfield University (USA) Catherine Nantz and David Schmidt October 31th, 2017. The main topic of the meeting was to share the experience of the Strengthening Academic Integrity evolving at Fairfield University and SSU.

Taras Tymochko, the coordinator of the Ukrainian Project of Strengthening Academic Integrity, the project assistant Yana Chapailo and other representatives of this project took part in the meeting. The Head of the Centre of Scientific and Technical and Economical information Artem Artyukhov was as a moderator of the meeting.

“We will fall short to build a future society without understanding and without commitment to the principles of academic integrity”, – said the Rector of Sumy State University Anatoliy Vasylyev at beginning of the meeting. “The Higher Education Act includes the issues of academic integrity. We have to make our system direct us to move on: to communicate, to give seminars, enquiries, etc. These meetings help us to understand how to organize the algorithm of our behavior and how Sumy State University can adopt the behaviorism of the USA, European and other universities”.

American colleagues shared their experience of evolving the strengthening academic integrity at Fairfield University. They expressed gratitude to students and teachers for their valuable contribution in the trainings. Yana Chapailo told about implementation of the modules of academic integrity into the educational process. "Academic Integrity in Sumy State University: Present and Prospects" was a topic of the speech by Artem Artyukhov. He presented the Code of Good Practice of SSU and the Regulations for the Verification of Academic Plagiary; told about the main functions of the promoting group of academic integrity of SSU, about the implementation of the instruments as Web site, trainings, infographics for schoolers, which helps to shape the worldview for the future students.

“Today, we have discussed some engineering aspects that will guide us to the right way. We have to understand that it is fashionable to be honest and competitiveness of our alumni will be much higher if they get education honestly. Students and teachers should work together because it is important for everyone. In a few years the students will say that our university has a high quality of education and academic honesty. This is our goal”, –said Artem Artyukhov at the end of the meeting.


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